The Second Element is a composing team made up of Peter Neff and Mauricio Yazigi. They began their parntership in 2007, and have written and produced tracks for music production libraries such as Killer Tracks, West One Music, 5 Alarm Music, Megatrax, Sonoton, Frameworks, and Manhattan Production Music. Collectively, their music has been licensed for such shows as Jane the Virgin,
American Odyssey, The Amazing RaceThe Bachelorette, Parks and Recreation, Hannah Montana30 Rock, and Saturday Night Live.

  • Day of Reckoning1:52
  • De Borracho0:30
  • Sky's the Limit0:49
  • La Famosa0:30
  • Sweet Melancholy0:35
  • Stronger1:04
  • Puerto Vallarta0:39
  • Blossom0:43
  • Dancing Fire0:35
  • Renewed Optimism0:51
  • A New Journey0:35
  • Buena Vista0:35
  • Peaceful Waters0:35

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